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Cozy Rabbit I


  • Image of Cozy Rabbit I

6" x 6" , acrylic on cradled wood panel, painted sides, ready to hang!

Image of Watermelon Patch
Watermelon Patch
Image of Armadillo Island
Armadillo Island
Image of Painted Bunting Pink Daisy
Painted Bunting Pink Daisy
Image of Rose Finch Flowers
Rose Finch Flowers
Image of Carolina Wren Saucer Magnolia I
Sold out
Carolina Wren Saucer Magnolia I
Image of Painted Bunting Beauty Berry
Sold out
Painted Bunting Beauty Berry
Image of Golden Lady Lion
Sold out
Golden Lady Lion
Image of Cozy Rabbit II
Cozy Rabbit II
Image of Pathfinder (first draft)
Pathfinder (first draft)
Image of Lemon Shield Bear
Lemon Shield Bear
Image of Sperm Whale Mountains
Sold out
Sperm Whale Mountains
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