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Alligator Royalty III


  • Image of Alligator Royalty III

3" x 6", acrylic on cradled wood panel. painted sides, ready to hang!

At this moment in time I am embracing the longevity and strength of the
The alligator species is more than 150 million years old!
(homo-sapien is 200 thousand)
Talk about perspective.
Viva the Alligator!
(from a safe distance)

Image of Alligator Royalty I
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Alligator Royalty I
Image of Alligator Royalty II
Alligator Royalty II
Image of Royal Alligator Island I
Royal Alligator Island I
Image of Royal Alligator Island II
Royal Alligator Island II
Image of Royal Alligator III
Royal Alligator III
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